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Welcome to the EVER Pharma Webinar plattform. You will find here all information about our upcoming webinars in the field of Stroke, TBI and Dementia. All webinars will be held in English language and a Russian simultaneous translation will be offered.

Latest webinars:

Webinar 5

The renaissance of neuroprotection in times of recanalization therapies


Advances in acute stroke treatment within the last 25 years have mainly been made in recanalization therapies, particularly with the approval of rtPA and thrombectomy devices. The risk-benefits ratios for both treatments are evident but longterm outcome for recanalized patients is unfortunately suboptimal; only around 50 % have no or only minor disabilities when assessed on day 90 while the problem of hemorrhagic transformation also remains an important safety topic.
In recent years, Ever Pharma has re-intensified clinical development in the field of recanalization therapies. In order to establish evidence if Cerebrolysin, when combined with rtPA and/or thrombectomy, can add safety or better outcome, several preclinical and clinical development initiatives were either already published or can be expected soon.
The speakers in today’s webinar are all deeply involved in this research program and will give the audience an update on the current evidence.

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Zdravka Poljakovic
Michael Chopp
Jacek Staszewski
Dina Khasanova
Webinar 4

Innovative strategies to advance severe TBI treatment


Johannes C. Vester
Helmut Trimmel
Ignacio J. Previgliano
Peter Lackner
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Webinar 3

The relevance of neurorehabilitation in acute and chronic stroke


Dafin Muresanu
Valeria Caso
Sigrid Schwarz
Andreas Winkler
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